In this section we Present you the great works of J&k. Amhor Exclusive presents Kani Shawls, Dogri Jhumkas ,Stoles and suits which are handcrafted .These masterpieces have great detailing and rich colors which are eye catching .We Appreciate your interest in exploring this section .As a matter of pride for us at Team Amhor some of these products are Priceless to us and thus have not been kept for outright sale.
Kani Shawls

How it is Made :
This master piece is crafted by Artisans with Great Levels of patience and tremendous Diligence &Skill .It is said the amount of concentration and attention to detail for making this craft is enormous .Generally it takes between 2 to 3 years to weave this beautiful piece of Jamawar ,but it certain cased depending upon the design it can take upto 5 years.The weaving of this great piece of art is termed as twill tapestry weave.
Origin :
The Shawl kani Gets its name from Kanihama,which is a village located in Kashmir province.Kani refers to Wooden spool and the hama means village in the traditional language..This area is considered to be the hot bed of production of kani shawls where there are 300 looms and artisans working to give you these master pieces.